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— The CABA Team

Timberland Alpacas

Originators of the "Hemiaccoyos"

Tom and Jeri Booher
12510 NW Shearer Hill Rd.Forest Grove, OR 97116
Fax: 5033599461

Kashmir's Hemiaccoyo 24K

Apocalypse's Hemiaccoyo Copperfield
Sensei's Hemiaccoyo Casino
Apocalypse's Hemiaccoyo Showstopper

April 2012
The winter of 2011 -2012 has been a long one. March was been the wettest on record, with heavy downpours and day after day of grey upon grey. Hope springs eternal, however, now that April has arrived, the early blooms of daffodils and crocuses are popping up, and the daylight hours are growing longer. We haven’t seen many days in the past six months when the alpacas have not been wet and bedraggled, but on those rare dry days after they have had a chance to actually dry out, we have been very pleased at the look of the fleeces on the crop from 2011.
Our intent in 2012 is to stick pretty close to home and we plan to do one show in May. The CABA Classic is a highly competitive, well attended show and we will be taking approximately ten of our show string along with several fleeces. Here are some fleece photos of some of the show string- all are Hemiaccoyos. Most are available for purchase. Featured fleeces are from top to bottom: Kashmir's Hemiaccoyo 24K LF- gorgeous Jr. herd sire; Apocalypse's Hemiaccoyo Copperfield - brown and full brother to Judges' Choice Coppertop; Sensei's Hemiaccoyo Casino - same dam as Victor's Hemiaccoyo Casanova; Apocalypse's Hemiaccoyo Showstopper - MF spectacular female. Visit for additional photos and information.

TIMBERLAND ALPACAS was the first ranch in the United States to develop the Hemiaccoyo bloodline way back in 1994 with the first breeding of their 1994 Accoyo import female Pperuvian Sara to Hemingway. The result of this breeding, Sara’s Sahara was so amazing that TIMBERLAND ALPACAS coined this new bloodline “Hemiaccoyo” and registered and protected the name through the Alpaca Registry. Combining the fineness of Hemingway along with the density and character of the Accoyo to create the Hemiaccoyo has been the foundation of their breeding stock, and TIMBERLAND ALPACAS now owns the highest number of Hemiaccoyos in the world.

Please visit our newly revised for full ranch details, our regular vet tips page, and coming in midMay 2012, sales listings of junior herd sires and many females available at reasonable prices and financing.

Farm Terms & Financing

TIMBERLAND ALPACAS prides itself on customer service. Word of mouth in the alpaca industry means everything, and most of our ranch sales have come not from advertising, but from word of mouth and recommendations from other alpaca breeders. We offer no interest financing for twelve months and discounts for multiple purchases. We are currently offering a free female for every two females purchased. Please email us for details at

Many females available for sale!

Contact us at for a listing of many females for sale at reasonable prices. Our entire group (6) of females from 2010 offered at a package price of $30,000. Includes:

1- gorgeoous, fine white out of Apocalypse
1 - beautiful beige out of Apoalypse
1- medium fawn with high frequency crimp style out of Paladin
1- very fine beige out of Mojo
1 - very consistent, light fawn out of Mojo
1 - dark rose grey out of Mojo